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The site for the "AS DARKNESS DESCENDS" Trilogy

The Romanov children with their mother the Tsarina – What if? – “For Anastasia”

0cdd04ac98c03ce8e3bd31665acab931For Anastasia – does the answer to the continuation of Western civilization lie buried in our past?…



b1-geBenghazi – why did it come up in “GET EMILY”?

An excerpt from “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”

bethAn excerpt from “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”

An excerpt from “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”

hassanAn excerpt from “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”

“Maria’s sisters rushed to comfort her and to shut the door as the young Bolshevik left. ‘Even such as he does not want me,’ Maria sobbed as Tatiana hugged her close. ‘I shall never know love’ she cried. ‘That would not have been love, little sister. Men such as that do not know the meaning of love, or kindness. They only know of evil,’ Tatiana said as she held Maria close. ‘You wait and see,’ Anastasia said defiantly, ‘our princes will come! Of that I am sure!’…” [Excerpt from “For Anastasia” / “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”] Photo of Grand Duchess Anastasia

ed245582830bbba73469263569b61addAn excerpt from “For Anastasia” / “As Darkness Descends”


after-briefing-amazonAn excerpt from “GET EMILY” / “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”

Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade

We’ve always believed Madeleine McCann, the British toddler kidnapped in Portugal, was taken by Arab child-sex traders. They get a lot of money from these blond girl children. . . Saudi Royal…

Source: Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade

The infamous stairs down to the room that saw the Romanov family murdered by Bolsheviks in July 1918 – “For Anastasia”


An excerpt from “For Anastasia” / “As Darkness Descends”

guilt-by-associationAn excerpt from “For Anastasia” / “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”

An excerpt from “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”

PonderingAn excerpt from “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS”